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What Google+ Circles Mean to Us by Jerry Rizzo


Do Google+ circles have your head spinning in circles? Having trouble deciding whose in and whose out?  Have no fear, I’m here to hopefully quell your Stokenphobia.

Sto·ken·pho·bi·a/ˈfōbēə/ Noun: An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to round objects.

It’s easy enough to continue Facebook style categorizing and adding every user to your “Friends” circle.  By solely using a “Friends” circle you are essentially implying that you don’t care who sees your posts and you don’t care whose posts you see.  There is no harm in this categorizing method, but you may miss out on lots of opportunities to engage interested users.


If you want your posts to be read and you want to tailor your feed to your interest you must be a little more selective.  This may seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that the G+ experience is all about YOU!  When you are faced with the decision of which of your circles another user belongs to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of content does this user share?
  • Do I want to read this users content regularly?
  • What kind of content do I want to share with this user?
  • Does this user have an interest in what I’m posting about?
  • How often does this user post?
Most importantly, I advise against becoming overly consumed by determining whether somebody is a friend , acquaintance or random.  It’s okay if you find that most users end up stock piled into one circle, because let’s face it many users are still new to Google+ and are not frequently sharing interesting content yet.  Ultimately it’s about the content being shared and if YOU want to share or be shared with.

Hopefully the room has stopped spinning and you can now create more appropriate circles to create a more favorable G+ experience.

[Feature] The Trick to Getting Liked on Facebook

This is a version of an article by Chris Prentice (follow FINS on Facebook and RSS)
To get more followers on Twitter and Facebook and boost brand loyalty, CNET hired Nathan Bransford last November as its social media manager. Since then, Bransford has more than quadrupled CNET’s Twitterfollowing to 105,000 and bumped its Facebook page “likes” to 428,000 from 69,000.

And he didn’t spend a lot on those gains. There were no big ad campaigns or marketing spending, Bransford said Tuesday during ClickZ’s Connected Marketing Week conference in San Francisco.

The trick was simple: post quality content that Facebook users “like” and Twitter followers will retweet. Marketers should monitor what‘s working, what’s not working and what competitors are doing. Bransford cautioned against going overboard: He said he posts only four to six times a day on Facebook.

Timing is also important. Social media marketing isn’t a 9-to-5 job, said Jason Mitchell, co-owner of marketing firm Movement Strategy. “People are on Facebook at all different times,” Mitchell told FINS. “If you’re only posting during the day, you won’t be able to connect with a large subset of people.” Mitchell’s Boulder, Colo.-based company employs about 15 people and does Facebook marketing for the Knicks, Adidas and Whole Foods.

How Would I Describe Primary Element [PE] ? by Jerry Rizzo


Today, while driving 95 North out of Philadelphia I received a message from [PE] (DMV/Penn State based hip-hop group) member Mike Wallz that asked “How would you describe Primary Element and what do you like most about us?”   I couldn’t immediately respond, because I was behind the wheel and I wanted to make sure I gave Mike a helpful response.

First things first,  I started following [PE] about a year ago.  I was turned on to the group by friend and video producer DJ Broccoli who had been working closely with the group.  It only took a few bars for me to get hooked on what these guys were doing.

I was persistant in sharing their music over the social web and was especially determined to promote their album “Ambition” that dropped last February.  I continue to follow the group’s progression closely and share my thoughts and PR insight as it arises.

So, to answer your question Mike

I would describe [PE] as original college steppin’ dream chasers in hot pursuit of greatness.  When I say greatness it’s not limited to hip-hop.  These are hip-hop and visual art visionaries with ambition pushing others to be ambitious through their creative flows.

What I saw in [PE] was a fresh, young talented trio working tenaciously to create a completely original sound.  If there is one absolute truth in this world it’s that you cannot deny hard work.  [PE] is continuously evolving and growing their sound, which makes each release worth while.  What I also like about [PE] is that the group is transparent to it’s fan base. When I wake up and check my Twitter feed I usually know what Stan’s eating or what Stephen’s working on.  It’s great from a fan perspective to follow the evolution of a group and especially their sound.  Finally, what I think sets [PE] apart and why they are a likable group is that they have chosen to be who they are and promote what they believe.  Go get it!