Famous Coffee is Del.icio.us!


Famous Coffee is being featured on http://delicious.com/today.  That’s right! Yours truly.  In the spirit of National Coffee Day I created a stack (A newly added site feature) using links from my latest microblogging experiment.  It’s apparent that the team at Del.icio.us was into it and chose to feature it on their homepage.  Very cool.

Check out the screenshot:


What is Famous Coffee?


For those of you who are not familiar, Tumblr. is a largely popular microblogging or tumbleblogging site.  In fact, the site boasts over 13 billion page views a month.  Lately I’ve been stumbling  across articles that  highlight some of the most interesting Tumblr. blogs.  My favorites include Dancing Dads, Crap At My Parents House and  Lunch Bag Art .  I’ve had my own Tumblr. account for some time, but I was inspired by what the creatives on Tumblr. were doing with these unique microblogs and decided to get creative myself.

Famous Coffee is a Tumblr. blog dedicated to posting pictures of famous figures drinking coffee.  On the blog I’ve included a complete archive and a separate page dedicated to classic coffee drinking icons.  It’s interesting to see coffee as a constant throughout time.  From Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt to Barack Obama; my coffee/celeb mashup is definitely worth a gander.


@BigFuel and @JerryRizzo Talk #NewFacebook


In the wake of Facebook’s pre and post f8 platform design changes, New York based social media and branded content company Big Fuel had posed a few questions for their Twitter followers.  I’ve been actively engaging with Big Fuel the past couple of days and exchanging views about the Facebook changes and what impact it will have.  In a short amount of time we covered topics from consumer behavior to the affects it will have on the music industry.

A BIG thanks to Big Fuel for responding and prompting thought provoking dialogue.

Here’s the convo…

 We want to hear your reactions to the #NewFacebook newsfeed. Good? Bad? Plain old evolution of tech? Let us know!


@jerryrizzo @bigfuel I wouldn’t call it an evolution of #tech, but rather an evolution of how we share our lives publicly on the social web. #Facebook



@bigfuel @JerryRizzo Great point, how so?




@jerryrizzo @bigfuel Let’s face it, the engagement on Facebook is unparalleled and increasing daily. The changes are simply a response to it.



@jerryrizzo @bigfuel Some users believe Facebook makes changes just to do it. These users don’t realize change is determined by how they use Facebook.



@bigfuel @JerryRizzo EXCELLENT response, Jerry. Would you say the initial frustration is more of a reaction to the learning period than the changes?



@jerryrizzo @bigfuel That could be it, but who are they kidding? They’ve been invested in the site for years. It’s not a desire, it’s a necessity.


@bigfuel How do you think the #NewFacebook profiles are going to affect consumer behavior on Facebook?

@jerryrizzo @bigfuel Can you say brand ambassadors? Open graph beta is going to allow us to share favorite brands, bands and activities in real time.



@bigfuel @JerryRizzo Definitely! Do you think that Facebook’s changes are going to make the music industry finally re-invent its business model?



@jerryrizzo @bigfuel I can’t really say. I’m not familiar with the model and the relationships that drive it. If you mean shift to digital, then yes.



@bigfuel @JerryRizzo Shift to digital has been a point of friction in recent years, especially with record companies trying to control flow of $



@bigfuel @JerryRizzo But now that music consumption and social media are so closely intertwined, record companies are forced to find a working model



@jerryrizzo @bigfuel I think that shift has been gradual though. I think #NewFacebook will just be another motivator for more shift and repositioning.


 @bigfuel Lots of dimensions to this plight. I couldn’t even begin to forecast it’s outcome. I’ll be enjoying free tunes in the meantime!

@bigfuel @JerryRizzo Us too! Wish there was a way for an entire company to share tunes on Facebook…we’ve all got great/eclectic taste in music!

Facebook Lists Have Arrived (The Breakdown) by Jerry Rizzo


First, it was subscriptions.  Then, it was a fixed toolbar.  Finally, in what has been a busy week for the social supersite, Facebook introduces Lists.  Facebook’s latest Lists feature makes it easy to group people you have similar relationships to and view their updates in a separate collective feed.

About Lists

For starters users can view the new Lists feature beneath the Favorites menu on the left side of your newsfeed.  Facebook has already created basic default lists for users such as Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family , Schools, Limited and Restricted.  Additionally  with Lists you are able to create your own custom lists for grouping your friends. 


Can’t decide what friends go in what list?  No problem!  Facebook conveniently suggest friends that they think would be appropriate for your list.  You can find your suggestions on the right hand side of the list you are creating.

*Note: I just created my “Family” list and all of the Facebook suggestions were spot-on accurate.

Posting in Lists

Once you create a list you’ll be able to post updates within it.  Your posts will only be seen by those you have selected to be in the list.  Want to get the family together?  Simply post the event details in your list as your status and BOOM the whole family is invited.

Manage Lists

Some additional options within the feature that can be utilized by clicking the “Manage List” tab in the upper right hand corner of your list include:

Rename List – Change the name of your list

Add/Remove Friends – Simply add or remove friends from lists

Merge Lists- Allows you to easily merge two exisiting lists

Choose Update Types – Choose what sort of updates you would like to receive from friends in a particular list

Build Deeper Brands With Instagram by Jerry Rizzo


You’re posting quality content, timing your posts and monitoring your  post frequency, but your fans are still not engaging your brand as much as you would like.  Popular instant mobile photo app Instagram may be just what your brand needs to achieve more transparency, depth and overall fan engagement.

#Hashtag Campaigns

Challenge your fans to upload relevant Instagram photos with your brand’s hashtag or popular hashtags that are related to your brand.  This keeps your brand on your fans’ mind while they’re on the go and spurs them to post and comment on creative Instagram photos on your brand’s fanpage or site.

Let’m Inside

Allow your brand to be more transparent by sharing exclusive Instagram photos of early product development, event planning or strange encounters from around the office.  Your brand’s fans want to know what goes into your brand and the people behind it.

Boost the Buzz

Are you experiencing social media success with a current campaign? Why not keep it going?  By promoting the existing campaign’s title as it’s own hashtag or encouraging promotional fan Instagram photos you can keep your buzz buzzin’.

Brands Without Borders

Find out where your fans are by prompting them to post Instagram photos with your branded products at interesting locations.  This not only provides engaging content for your fans, it also allows you to learn more about your brand’s reach.  Who knew teens in Sao Paulo love your hand knitted caps?

Drive Your Fans to Drive Your Brand

What you intend for your brand and what your consumers do with it can waver.  Let your fans show you how they like to experience your brand with Instagram photos.  Ask your fans or followers how your brand fits into their everyday lives.  You may be surprised to find  that your fashionable knitted hats are actually very functional outerwear granting your branding strategy a rugged new angle.