Elliot Mast is Back at it For The Kids of Pittsburgh



It’s been just over a year since I took notice of an incredible initiative to raise funds for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh that was being headed by a blogger named Elliot Mast.  I soon came to realize that  Elliot Mast was merely a 12-year-old kid whose ambition and passion for helping superseded his age.  Elliot was on a mission in 2010 to raise $5000 by the new year for the kids at CHP, because he was once one of those kids who needed help.

A year later Elliot is back at it and is determined to do it again.  With a summer of raising funds through his baseball playing and a successful silent auction, Elliot has surpassed the $3000 mark and is on his way to another successful fundraising season.  Please be sure to follow Elliot on Twitter , share his tweets and urge your networks to share and donate as well.  There are only about 45 days left for Elliot to meet his fundraising goal, but with our help he will reach it in time.

You can learn more about Elliot Mast and his awesome initiative at Elliot’s Cool Blog.

Here’s a message from Elliot…

Side note:
I had the opportunity to meet up with Elliot and his father Don Mast at Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) 2011.  This is an incredible kid with an incredible understanding of what it means give back to those who helped you along the way.  Aside from being a passionate philanthropist, Elliot is a big major league baseball fan and has interviewed some of the top figures in the game. (Tony LaRussa, Andy Petite and Stephen Strasburg just to name a few.)  Thank you for all that you do for the kids Elliot. FTK All The Way!

No Shave Movember Call to Action


At the start of the month I was prompted to donate my face to No Shave Movember by members of the media group I am interning with.  No Shave Movember is a facial hair growing campaign in which individuals raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

We are nearly half way through No Shave Movember and the staches are looking healthy.  Our team is steadily raising funds, but still need your help.  This is my call to action to you to help BMG Staches raise funds that will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG, and the Movember Foundation.

Please help us change the face of men’s health by donating at http://us.movember.com/mospace/1895248/

Thank you in advance for your participation and generosity.  Here’s to a healthy future!

An original piece inspired by Movember that I sketched out in a moment of profound revelation…

From Campus Heros to Superheroes; Primary Element Delivers Superheroes and Zombies


It’s been less than a year since Primary Element (PE) released a complete album, but that didn’t hinder anticipation for their new release of Superheroes and Zombie by any means.  In a short nine months PE has been busy releasing a series of music, event and promotional videos along with creating an original track list that would take their listeners by storm.

I’ve had the new album on repeat for a day or two now and I must say I can hear progression and maturation in PE’s sound.  Nine months ago I described the talented trio as young, fresh campus kickers. With the release Superheroes and Zombies the group has been able to maintain that identity while introducing a more developed sound.

When I asked PE’s beat mistro and SHxZ producer, Stanley Spottswood, how the new album differed from previous albums he said, ” Definitely the word choice.”

Spottswood also stated,  “I think each time we’ve released an album we’ve always pushed the envelope a little bit more.”

What I always find to be the most alluring element about  following PE is that everything that goes into their albums is 100 percent original. From beats to hooks to visuals, everything you hear is created in house.

“Stan the man solely produced the album and people better start realizing that his future as a producer will be bright.” said PE hook maker, Stephen Spottswood.

“I wanna give Stan some shades, because his future seems so bright in production.” added Stephen.

SHxZ is a vivid display of range for PE’s musical and lyrical stylings. From slow jams to up tempo beats, the album shows you exactly what this hip-hop group is all about and shows you that the sky is the limit for these talented, young superheroes.

Be sure to download Superheroes and Zombies for FREE TODAY at http://somethingprimary.com/ and follow @PrimaryElement on Twitter for the latest videos, updates and all things Primary.

If you don’t want to listen to me, here’s PE’s very own Mike Wallz with a message for you…

Photo Source: Stanley Spottswood